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What Happened When We Shouted?

There is something fresh stirring in Kerr County – and we are part of it! We truly are a blessed people with so many things for which to give thanks!

On the first Sunday night in October, we gathered in Antler Stadium. It was powerful time with Dominic Russo & Jedidiah Thurner – exhortation, encouragement, salvation, healing – the love of Jesus increased. And then, there was that SHOUT!!!!!!

What happened when we shouted?

The full story is yet to be revealed, but we have already heard of some “heart changes” that took place immediately after the shout. Hopeless, dead-end situation suddenly reversed, and new hope came to life. In one case, the person was at the event – in another case, they were sitting at home, but felt the change at the same time we shouted! Hopelessness and darkness have been served notice – positive, sustainable change has begun…and more is coming!

Then recently, we got the statistics for FELONY crimes in Kerr County. Just because we were interested, we dared to compare October 2013 with October 2014.

The Good News:
Felony Convictions (10/13) = 39 . . . (10/14) = 32
That is a 18% decrease!

New Felony Cases Added (10/13) = 75 . . . (10/14) = 53
That is a 29% decrease!!!

The battle has begun –

Active Felony Cases Pending (10/13) = 613 . . . (10/14) = 666

Does that NUMBER look a little suspicious to you? It sure did to us! It does represent an 8% increase – so this is an area we will keep targeting in our prayers and other efforts county-wide.

Do not throw away your confidence – it will be richly rewarded.

Greater is He that is in us…and if God is for us, who can stand against us?

He who has begun a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.

We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works
which God has prepared in advance for us to be and to do.