Can YOU Believe It?

Bill Glass spoke at Antler Stadium. It had been 18 years. It was time for another breakthrough. Time for a fresh stirring of faith. Time for a seed to be planted that will grow into something lasting and sustainable, something that keeps releasing positive change in Kerr County.

That something is us – individually and collectively.

On October 6, 2014, on the morning after our first Antler Stadium event with Dominic Russo, on the morning after lovekerrcounty launched, this word made it’s way to us from someone who had no idea of, and no connection to, our event:
You are a game-changer for a whole community.
You! You raise the stakes.
You cause an upgrade.
You can bring everybody to a place of
“I can’t believe what has happened to us! This is amazing!”
and people are talking about it
for days and weeks and months and years later.
Welcome to your life!
This is who you are.
That is your potential.
Anything is possible.

A new love is taking root in Kerr County. A new movement has begun. We are called to be game-changers for a whole community. We are still very early in the process. We are moving forward. The love of Jesus is increasing. Darkness is being displaced.

Do you believe it?

True faith is the fruit of hearing from God…listen…and re-read the word above.

True faith is an action verb fanned into flame by our breath, by our attention, by our obedience, by our focus, by our responsiveness and by our participation.

Embrace this word. See it . . . speak it . . . be it . . . and leave it as a legacy.