When the love of Jesus increases – in a life, a community, a region – darkness is displaced. That transformation can spark in a moment and spread like fire from the inside out.

Inspired by 1Nation1Day and by what God has done in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, we believe that same spark is igniting here in Kerr county. Love Kerr County wants to spread that fire, meeting the needs in our community like rain poured out on parched ground.

Join The Movement


Thousands have now come together for a day of serving and celebrating in the name of Jesus. What happens next is up to you.

While we’ve developed strong relationships with governmental leaders and rich, foundational connections between spiritual leaders, lasting change hinges on one person: YOU. Will you join the movement?

Join us for encouraging progress reports, details on community outreaches, and how you can make a practical and lasting difference.

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Last year, on October 5, over 2000 came out on a Sunday night to Antler Stadium. Some met Jesus for the first time, some were healed. All of us experienced the love of Jesus. Since that spark, we’ve seen the following shift in Kerr County.

Kerr Jobless Rate dips to 7-year low

A three-year rain drought has been broken

Kerr county wages are up

New business: Chick-Fil-A comes to Kerrville along with a new Burger King

KISD has 2nd year in a row to earn all seven distinction designations

“For Tivy to be among the top four percent of achievers in the state is a wonderful feat. To be able to accomplish this for two consecutive years is truly remarkable,”
– Dan Troxell, KISD Superintendent.

New manufacturing: Mooney is building airplanes again and James Avery launches a new manufacturing facility.


What is behind Love Kerr County?

Love Kerr County is meant to be a venue for inspiring, celebrating and encouraging practical demonstrations of the love of Jesus increasing in Kerr County. The Gathering is a moment that’s meant to inspire the Love Kerr County movement. LoveKerrCounty.me is modeled after the follow-up success 1Nation1Day has pioneered after their events in Honduras in 2013 and the Dominican Republic in 2015. The idea is to continue to motivate people to be be difference-makers bringing positive, lasting, sustainable change to our community.

I’m a pastor or community leader. How can I be more involved?

Excellent. Jump over to this page and complete the short form. Someone from Love Kerr County will be in touch with you.

What is “The Gathering”?

The Gathering was a single day devoted to serving and celebrating in the name of Jesus. Thousands from all over Kerr County devoted their time and energy to making a practical difference through community projects, then joined together at Antler Stadium for a night of worship, training and heartfelt commitment to seeing Kerr County forever changed.

You mentioned 2 countries being changed. Tell me more about this.

In 2013, Honduras, previously the most violent non-warzone country in the world, participated in a single event that changed the course of history. Recently in 2015, the Dominican Republic joined hands as a nation and made the same commitment to shift the future of their nation. Already, the climate is changing. Read more about Honduras or the Dominican Republic.